Sunday, June 12, 2011

Review: Ru San's

Don't go.

To put it better, if you like sushi, don't go. If you like fried stuff dipped in sweet sauce, go.

From their lunch buffet to their dollar rolls to their special rolls, this is one big slap in the face to sushi. Maybe its because the chefs arent sushi chefs, theyre just minimum wage sushi template-followers.
Lunch buffet is laughable, with three fourths of their rolls coming deep fried and drenched in sauce, it doesnt matter what the sushi itself is itll taste like an expensive french fry dipped in sugar.
To be fair though this place is cheap. Or wait... is it? Let me refresh my memory...

Now I'm not saying this is the most expensive place, it is for sure one of the cheaper sushi restaurants, but for what you're paying, there are much better alternatives.
You may as well spend an extra 3 bucks for the 13 dollar Zen on Ten Special Roll at Zen on Ten:

Now for you sushi snobs out there who are looking for a great sushi place with no concern for the price-per-ounce of food, look no further than MF Sushi.
Incredible food, the Kinjo brothers certainly know the art of sushi, and will beautifully demonstrate their talent the moment that first piece of fish literally melts in your mouth. The location is not ideal, as in bad neighborhood and difficult to park... so take a Krav Maga class first and then head on over.

MF Sushi, best sushi in Atlanta in my nook.

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